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The choice of saddle height

While adjusting the size of the bike is a simple thing, especially since our bikes have a frame size of 99% that agrees with the size of the clothes we wear, the choice of saddle height is usually problematic. And even if we do not intend to drive 100 – 200 km a day, in which case the wrong adjustment of the seat can be felt immediately, it is for many reasons, not only ergonomic, but also health, it should be well set up at the very beginning of the trip . It is not difficult to explain why the too high position of the saddle causes discomfort to ride. If we can barely reach the foot pedals, we feel it immediately. This error happens very rarely, mainly when we buy a bicycle “for exaggeration”. In our rental the range of sizes is full, so this problem does not occur. Often, however, the height of the saddle is chosen too low. The basic mistake is to adjust the saddle so that both or one leg reach the ground at the moment of parking. And the bike is not for standing, just for driving!

And it is for driving that you should adjust the rented vehicle. Let’s get away from the bike for a moment and try to do some sit-ups? Which phase is the easiest and which is the most difficult phase? Well, of course, the easiest way is when we bend the legs from the extension in the first phase of the exercise, then as the legs get bent in the knees is getting harder, the worst is in the initial phase of returning to a standing position from the squat and then easier and easier until reaching a standing position. Now let’s try to do some sit-ups, but without returning to full standing, just stop at half-bent legs. Five sit-ups. True, worse? Worse, because we deprive ourselves of the two easiest phases of the exercise. And the same happens on the bike when we set the saddle too low to obtain a seemingly better balance. The simplest, though unprofessional method of setting the saddle is the heel method. With the correct height of the saddle, putting the heels on the pedals, we should get a full extension of the legs in the knees while driving. In principle, from this position should be added about a centimeter in height.

For those who are not accustomed to such a ride, the first impression, inconsistent with previous habits, will be that we are sitting too high, that we will soon fall forward, and if we stop, we will fall aside. Yes, but this is just an impression. It should be remembered that in our rental we have bikes typically sporting, on which the position is more inclined forward in relation to city bikes. However, the greater range of leg work allows for more effective use of their strength, prevents later unpleasant contractures of muscles caused by their work in the incomplete range of joint mobility, and above all creates a more comfortable ride, once we get used to a new, sporting position.

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Zakopane attractions

The capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains, the winter capital of Poland, the most popular tourist destination; for all these terms, Zakopane deserved less than a century and a half. A small village at the foot of the Tatra Mountains gained notoriety as a place with a healing climate thanks to dr. To Tytus Chałubiński, who in the nineteenth century began to propagate it among famous people of the Young Poland period. In the course of one hundred and several decades, the town previously the seat of the largest metallurgical plant of the Austrian annexation, became the destination of tourists from around the world.
After the mills there are only geographical names (Huciska, Kośne Hamry, Kuźnice), while unforgettable Tatra views, peaks and valleys, climate, as well as the possibility of practicing many sports disciplines meant that in Zakopane during the pilgrimage to Poland in 1997 one day he decided to spend St. Pope John Paul II.
According to the data at the end of 2017, the city has less than 30,000 inhabitants. inhabitants, while millions of tickets sold annually by the Tatra National Park and full stands during the edition of the Ski Jumping World Cup testify to the unflagging popularity of Zakopane. What can you visit here?

Obligatory points of stay under the Tatras is a trip by cable car to Kasprowy Wierch and walking to Morskie Oko, which is available from nearby Bukowina Tatrzańska, but the place where the walking trail starts from here is the lake is well communicated with the center of Zakopane. The most popular promenades are Krupówki and Gubałówka, both of which differ in their character. Krupówki is more like a center of big cities, although there is no shortage of regional taverns, while the second promenade is located on a mountain ridge and has a more local character when it comes to gastronomic and commercial offer.

Although the most popular form of recreation in Zakopane is hiking, and in winter skiing, there is no shortage of offers for more demanding. The village and its surroundings abound in interesting trails, which can also be used by bike and quads. In winter, you can go skiing, ski-snows, snowshoeing, or explore the area on snowmobiles. In summer and winter, the nearby aquaparks offer relaxation in warm pools, whirlpools and saunas. A rich network of restaurants, pubs and clubs will make you enjoy your entertainment from late morning until late evening.

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Attractions Gubałówka

Gubałówka is a mountain ridge located in Zakopane, Kościelisko and the highest situated in Poland village of Ząb. A characteristic point visible from the whole area is the radio and television tower, but there are many tourist attractions here. For sure they are a funicular railway and two chairlifts leading to Gubałówka and neighboring Butorowy Wierch. The characteristic promenade, just over a kilometer long, offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Tatras with Giewont in the foreground.

The gastronomic offer of several restaurants and many small gastronomy points will not allow visitors to get hungry. You can use the toboggan run, explore the area on quad bikes and mountain bikes. An interesting fact is the possibility of combining the attractions of the trip to the top of the cable car, and the exit by bike. There is a rope park here, and even … a golf course. Along the promenade are arranged various attractions found in many other resorts, such as skill games, stands with braids, you can take a picture in highland clothing, or with a Tatra sheepdog.

The whole band also has a story related to Saint. John Paul II – in 1997 he traveled this way from Zakopane to Ludźmierz, hence there is also an alternative name, the Papal Way, and in some places you can encounter obelisks commemorating that event. In winter, besides the ski slope, there is a snowmobile rental company that organizes trips around the area (even with a New Year’s welcome!), The youngest can play in the snowpark, and hiking trails are worth visiting on snowshoes. An alternative to spending free time is also a dog sled ride. To sum up, Gubałówka can not be bored in summer or winter.

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Why bikes on Gubałówka?

Gubałówka, together with a rope-terrain railway and two chairlifts open also in the summer is one of the main attractions of Zakopane. Together with neighboring Butorowy Wierchem, it gives a great opportunity to spend free time walking along the main promenade filled with various souvenir stands, restaurants and small gastronomy.

Bicycle rental is a perfect complement to the tourist offer of this part of Zakopane. The area abounds with marked hiking trails, as well as a network of asphalt and field roads created almost to experience the mountain adventure on two wheels. Due to the fact that these routes start on the mountain ridge, their course is mainly downhill, not requiring conditioning.

Bikes on Gubałówka are a great idea to spend time from one hour to the whole day. The multitude and availability of routes gives practically unlimited possibilities of active play in the family circle, in the company of friends and, above all, in the open air.